2010 Captial Fringe Festival Reprise:
at the Warehouse Downtown D.C.

July 11th 8:30 pm
July 14th 10 pm
July 16th 10:30 pm
July 17th 7:30 pm
July 22nd 6 pm
July 24th 8:30 pm

Original Run:
September 4&5, 11&12, 18&19 @ 8 PM
Greenelt Arts Center

The lovely ladies of the Rude Mechanicals had such a good time with last year's all-female Much Ado About Nothing that we're doing it again for Two No Gentlemen of Verona. Shakespeare's bromance, with no bro's.

World War II is coming to an end, and as the soldiers return home, the ladies who stayed behind have a play for them. Take a good look at yourselves, though our eyes.

"It is the lesser blot, modesty finds
Women to change their shapes than men their minds." - Julia