Uncle Vanya

by Anton Chekhov

Directed by Melissa Schick

The family estate is in chaos ever since the arrival of Professor Serebryakov and his beautiful and utterly bored young wife, Yelena. The whole family has fallen under their spell, becoming fraught with self-analysis and pining for opportunities lost. Everyone eats rich food and drinks wine and meals are served at the wrong time of day. The Professor gets up at noon and stays up late at night, waking the servants and making his relatives attend to his gout... or is it rheumatism? The country doctor, Astrov, has started stopping by almost every day, and Yelena can guess why. The Professor's daughter Sonya, who is in love with Astrov, has perhaps found in Yelena the wrong person to confide in. Sonya's uncle, Vanya, has become lazy, neglecting his work to pine for the lovely Yelena and to belittle the Professor. A former acolyte of the Professor's, Vanya now resents Serebryakov, believing he has wasted his life in service to a fraud. With things in such disrepair, how will this family manage to survive country life?


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